Acupuncture, the New Natural Pain Treatment

Acupuncture is a 2000 thousand year old traditional Chinese Medicine technique used to stimulate ones own natural healing.  This medicine is based on balancing two opposing forces the yin and the yang.  When these two opposing forces are not in harmony it may cause imbalances in the body such as pain or illness.  This life force called Qi (chee) flows through specific pathways, called meridians throughout your body allowing the yin and yang to be balanced.

Acupuncture uses tiny sterile needles placed in specific points to release the blocked Qi and stimulate ones own natural healing response. It can effect have effects on the nervous system, immune system, digestive tract, pain response, and even the endocrine system.  By unblocking the Qi it can resolve pain, improve well- being, aid in sleep, and even improve digestion.

How do we use Acupuncture

At Desert Health Specialist we treat a multitude of conditions using these traditional Chinese techniques. The main focus of our treatments is to relieve your pain. We use a technique we based off the book “The Gunn Approach to Chronic Pain”. This treatment is very similar to dry needling done by physical therapists, but with being trained in traditional oriental medicine we are able to come our knowledge in how meridians flow through the body the our “Gunn treatment” giving patients the most therapeutic benefit.

Acupuncture, the New Natural Pain TreatmentAnother therapeutic treatment we combine with many of our acupuncture treatments is cupping. Cupping helps by releasing the fascia and bring blood to the area of pain. When combining this treatment with the “Gunn Treatment” we notice patients start to recover faster.

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  2. The Gunn Approach to Chronic Pain by C. Chan Gunn

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