Top 3 Natural Pain Relievers


Most of us have had an ache or pain at some point in our lives. What medications do you reach for when that pesky pain occurs? Is it Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen? Every time we take what we think are safe medications we put ourselves at risk for kidney disease, liver disease, or peptic ulcers. Studies show that long term use of these medications can increase your risk for side effects, especially if you already have a history of H.pylori, corticosteroid use, or even a previous history of an ulcer. 

Listed below are the top three pain relievers that I use in my clinic for pain relief. They are all natural pain relievers that are safe, and have been shown to be just as effective as Tylenol and Advil without the harmful side effects.

1. Turmeric

One of Turmeric’s has many health benefits is its pain relief properties. Turmeric comes from the Curcuma Longa plant that grows in India and Southeast Asian countries. It is in the ginger family and has a distinct yellow coloring that is used for dyes and curry (so for those of you who like to spice up your meals, try adding curry powder!). Turmeric contains an active substance known as curcumin that has many different healing properties, including weight loss, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain. When combined with black pepper it becomes even more potent and has been shown to reduce generalized inflammation as well as manage arthritis pain. Studies have shown that Turmeric was just as affective as ibuprofen for knee pain from osteoarthritis.  

2. Arnica

Arnica comes from a plant that grows in the US and Europe. It is available in different forms including oral homeopathic formulations, gel, or cream. Arnica has been used to help relieve post-operative pain, help sore muscles, and decrease bruising and inflammation. It is typically very safe with minimal side effects, however it should never be used on an open wound. 

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is an inexpensive vegetable oil that comes from the seeds of the ricinus communist plant native to tropical Africa and Asia.  It is a great natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever when used topically.  You can apply it directly to the body part that may be inflamed or painful.  

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